Urology & Oncology Specialists, PC was incorporated in April 2009 as a result of two established medical groups coming together to better serve their patients and community.  Mobile Urology Group, PA and Radiation Therapy Oncology, PC both have distinguished histories in our region and were united in order to improve services and to improve patient care.

Cancer is a major part of a urological practice and any patient who has had a cancer diagnosis understands the importance of prompt, excellent care and good communication between the treating physicians.

We are committed to the welfare of our patients and will always be their advocate, striving to provide urological and oncological care which embodies professional excellence and high ethical standards in a manner that is both compassionate and cost-effective.

We have prepared this Web site to acquaint you with our clinic, staff, and services.  The site provides information concerning our 
physicians, office hours, appointments, insurance, and other data, which we trust will make your care at Urology & Oncology Specialists, PC an efficient and effective experience.

Our primary offices are conveniently located on the campuses of
Springhill Medical Center, and Thomas Hospital.

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